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The path

Our journey in this life is often overcast with the stumbling blocks we face along the way. The sudden illness, the unexpected & unwelcome debt, the end of a relationship or partnership that leaves us lost and lonely.

For most of us the response we feel as a result of any stumbling block shows us we are still alive, we are still feeling and our journey will continue (somehow) through this.

There are many quotes in the ether reminding us that the journey – the path we travel – is just as important as the destination we are striving towards.

Whilst this is very poignant, it’s also worth sparing a little energy towards that destination and acknowledging that often this is merely a pause on our continual path.

What we seemingly aim for and grasp for as believing this will be the thing that defines me, makes me happier and completes me is actually another stage in our journey called life.

To react that final destination, to have nowhere else to travel or nowhere to expand and grow is ultimately death. Whether that be physical, emotional or energetic.

So keep striving, keep journeying and when you reach that pause, breathe, reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve achieved and then look onwards towards the next path on your travels, breathe again, smile and step out into the unknown.

You got this, just trust that this has got you too.

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