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Let Love In


Once again returning to the theme of the year on the day of the year love is universally celebrated the most.

Don’t believe I was always this open to love – I wasn’t.

I was once so anti-valentines that I openly expressed my annoyance towards the day, mocking those that succumbed to the hysteria of buying mushy cards and bunches of expensive red flowers.

But truly now I realise that this attitude was creating such a negative energy in me and huge blockages that I wasn’t just shunning one day of the year, I was closing myself down to the possibility of what love really meant, of what joy and bliss it could bring into my life - if only I let it in.

Last year when the Frenchman gave me the red tulips at St Pancreas station I had already started to soften. The Universe rewarded me by providing this random act of kindness.

This year I’m so open to Love.

I live it.

Breathe it.

Sleep it.

Dream it.

Eat it.

Allow myself to be it.

And guess what – this year I’ve been sent the most beautiful gift ever.

Now I look upon those mushy cards with a warmth in my heart.

I smile at all the beautiful bouquets of flowers walking down the street as they find their way home to loved ones.

I realise though that this day is not just about romantic love but most importantly about each and every one of us taking a moment to acknowledge ourselves.

To love who we are, as we are, right here, right now.

Please don’t close yourself off to the possibilities of love.

Even if you’re reading this and feeling raw from the pain of love.

Take a deep breath and remember how good it feels to hear your heartbeat.

How beautiful it is to be alive.

How wonderful you truly are.

Let Love In – Let it consume you.

Believe in the love you have within you – for you.

And then breathe that love through every cell in your body and watch as the wonders of the Universe work their magic around you and shower you with even more love.

You are Loved.

You are Love.

Live Love

Happy Valentines Day.

#healingthroughyoga #lovingkindness

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