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Laura Vallis is a passionate and compassionate yoga and embodiment teacher. She came to yoga twenty years ago motivated by the desire for a more balanced approach to her health and wholebeing.


Discovering how exceptionally important yoga became to her, both on and off the mat, Laura was encouraged to share her passion with others.

She embarked on her teaching journey in 2017, creating her Yoga with LV platform.   

Enthusiastic about the continuing process of studying & implementing yoga, she acknowledges, “We all keep learning until there’s no more breath in the body.”


Laura’s teaching style has firm foundations in a traditional Hatha practice with an emphasis on slow flow. 

Dedicated to both physical and energetic training, her teaching encompasses the wholeness of body, mind and breath.

Her intention is to “guide others in finding their true essence, embracing it and letting it grow.” She encourages students to explore themselves and enquire into everything.


Being in the moment matters very much to Laura.

It is a practice that has profoundly helped her and one she enthusiastically encourages in her students. “It’s time to wake up, it’s time to feel. I bring awareness of the moment to the people I teach.”


Her interest in Chinese Medicine has seen her train in Yin Yoga and meridians and now as she embarks on the degree course, this will eventually lead to her becoming a Five Elements Acupuncturist.

Laura carefully weaves the Chinese Five Elements into her classes.


After relocating from London in 2018 to her childhood home in Oxfordshire, Laura began teaching weekly classes to the local people, creating a community of yogis that still join her today.


With the move to online teaching in 2020, Laura now teaches students from all across the UK, who log on week after week to participate in her inspiring offerings and benefit from the love she embodies for yoga.

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