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"Laura is fantastic!!
As a complete beginner to yoga, she was so welcoming and patiently walked me through each move, and if I couldn’t do it exactly, there is always another way to do it.
The class was very friendly and I always felt at ease.
I felt so relaxed in my body and mind by the end of class, I would highly recommend yoga with Laura to anyone … woman or man."


"Great yoga teacher and excellent classes - highly recommended :- )"


"Laura is a great yoga teacher. I’ve been doing yoga for over 30 years and Laura is one of the best teachers I’ve had. She is very knowledgeable and her classes are all enjoyable. My daughter and another yoga friend of mine now come along too. It’s also a lovely yoga community. I would definitely recommend Laura’s classes. 😊"


"By far the best yoga instructor I have had. You always feel welcomed into the class with Laura's amazing, positive energy!

The classes are incredibly thought-out with great, ongoing themes that continue throughout the practice/course. She is very knowledgeable and always offers alternative movements if you are wanting a more relaxing session or you feel like pushing yourself.

Her classes have been a real blessing and I always leave feeling refreshed and energised - couldn't recommend more!"


"Laura is a real gem of a yoga teacher. She is
so generous with the thought and care that she puts into each class, with a monthly theme, lovely poems and relaxations. Laura is very gentle in the way that she guides the classes, which flow beautifully and never feel repetitive. She has such a positive energy and shares her loving kindness to each and every person who attends. Laura has created a welcoming yoga community which she warmly holds space for. The emphasis is on tuning into your body and these teachings go beyond the mat, giving you a better perspective on life. You will come away feeling nourished and lighter. It really feels a great privilege to have found out about Yoga with LV. Thank you so much Laura!"


"Having attended one or two of Laura's live classes pre pandemic, I was keen to give the online sessions a go, and I wasn't disappointed. The online video call is easy to login to and if anything, being able to complete the sessions in your own home is even more relaxing than live! One session I even think I nodded off during the end 'Zen' part of the class which is testament to Laura's calming approach and delivery of the sessions. If you happen to miss a session, a link to the recording gets emailed to you which is great idea for those with a busy lifestyle. Having played years of football thinking I didn't need to stretch or warm up\down has left me with incredibly tight hamstrings and lack of flexibility generally and these classes have definitely helped me. Even as a complete beginner I have found you can go at your own pace and always feel the benefits (especially the next day or so)! I would thoroughly recommend Yoga with LV no matter what size, shape, age, sex or ability you are. The physical and mental benefits are obvious."


"LV's online yoga classes have become a real highlight of my week. Her group is welcoming and Laura guides us with grace, gentleness and humour through her classes, ending with a meditation. I leave the class both more relaxed and invigorated. And I certainly feel the benefits in my body the next day!
I was also lucky enough to take part in LV's Spring Equinox Special Workshop which was incredible. She passes on so much wisdom and loving kindness to the world. It might sound dippy but it's true!
Whenever I have contact with LV, whether during a workshop, yoga class or even reading her monthly newsletter, I always come away feeling lifted and just... better. She is a true Earth Angel!"

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