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Create space for yoga and yoga will gift you space within.

It is not always possible to practise yoga on top of a peaceful mountain, but it is possible for yoga to provide peace and space within.

Five minutes of mindful movement consciously combining body and breath does wonders for the mind and spirit.

Sometimes our schedules feel so slammed we can’t figure out where to fit in the time.

But rather then strictly timetabling perhaps we should listen to our inner compass.

Every day the optimal time for us to take a break will be different.

Your five minutes might crop up at work, just before bed or whilst you’re making breakfast.

If you can honour your internal clock and surrender to conscious movement, be it walking, dancing or simple yoga moves, the benefits will show up in an immediate sense of space and relief.

IF we hold back and restrict the body from moving when it needs to, this might create blockages of energy in the body which in the longer-term can cause stagnation and stiffness.

Sometimes, if work restricts you, all you can do is get up from your seat and walk to bathroom. Perhaps if you’re watching the dinner cook you can’t leave the kitchen, but you can still reach and stretch. You can still inhale deeply into the nostrils and gently out of the mouth. Maybe you forgot to consciously move all day and now you’re in bed. It’s still not too late. You can get on all fours and move your body freely for a few moments before you sleep. Even if you start with 60 seconds, start.

Then see how you feel once you’ve moved.

Pay attention to the breath, the heartbeat, the sensations in the body.

Become aware of the peace and space within.

You don’t need a mountain to provide peaceful space but movement can help you feel on top of the world.

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