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Lighter Days

I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks how the evenings are staying lighter for longer, and the days are beginning to stretch out a little further.

I find myself with renewed energy all thanks to this extra natural light.

This morning I was awoken by a bad dream but realised as I lay in bed that the light was now creeping into the earlier hours too, encouraging me to feel a sense of uplift.

I won’t go into the science behind how light affects our moods, it is well documented and researched. However, as a teacher that encourages her students to observe and feel and experience each moment, this year as the days begin to lengthen, I find myself really tuning in to how this affects both my surroundings and me.

I notice the bulbs I planted back in the autumn beginning to lift above the soil surface and I watch them every day as they grow a little, then pause, then grow a little more.

I witness the birds becoming more active on the feeder as they stock up on supplies for the forthcoming nesting season.

And I marvel at the tiny buds appearing on the tips of bare branches as the trees prepare to sprout their glorious green leaves.

I feel like I have a little more energy than I did last month, and a whole bundle more since the beginning of the year.

Throughout January our yoga practice was focused on grounding poses, this helped me shift from a deep-seated winter mood into mindful and gentle movement.

Moving into February we added strengthening into to our repertoire, as we mimicked the energy being stored in the roots of the trees and plants as they prepared for spring and battled the winter storms.

And so, it feels natural for March to become the month of letting the light lift us.

My own practice has already started to reflect this.

Soft transitions, free styling through sun salutations and the start of a spring in my step.

I’m not ready to unleash all my energy reserves just yet but I am curious to play with the resources I have.

On my long nature walk last week I slowed down the pace and placed my feet lightly on the ground, curious as to the hive of activity going on beneath.

Who knows where the next bulb will spring from?

Or what insect is busying underneath as they wake from a winter slumber.

Even today with the clouds creating a vast greyish blanket in the sky they feel higher, lighter, and so bright I can feel the sun burning brightly behind them.

As we creep into Spring, our energies change.

Our seasonal plate changes too, and so this month I’m all about the Borscht.

I remember the first time I saw this vivid pinky-red soup, the colour put me off trying it, but then I was fortunate enough to have some made for me by a beautiful polish lady.

The flavours and feeling of that soup as it slipped into my stomach warmed my heart and I was converted.

Now every March and April I make a point of having plenty of Borscht soup.

The beetroot, potato and carrot help nourish the blood as well as benefiting the Liver and Heart, and the deep earthy flavours are off set with a sweetness that reflects the change to a brighter season around us.

With a well fuelled belly and a spring in my step I am ready to glide into March, filled with inspiration as the days grow longer.

Come and join us on the mat as we explore how to bring these lighter days into our practice.

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